As an interdisciplinary artist, I have worked in multiple mediums ranging from painting and drawing to performance, video/animation, and installation art. Although my work manifests in both organic and technological media, I choose the medium that will best suit my current concepts, instincts, and attraction.

When working with visual art, I find that I am drawn to cycles, which manifests as repeated marks in my two-dimensional work or repetitive action in my performance art. Additionally, I enjoy exploring the idea of secrets. More specifically, that which is hidden, less visible, subtle, or implied. As a result, I have become interested in the golden ratio over the course of my artistic practice*. In my work, I have gravitated towards mediums that replicate the fractal-like behavior of the golden ratio such as mirrors and video feedback. When two mirrors face each other and reflect infinitely back at one another, at some point, the eyes are no longer able to see the reflection even though the mind continues the pattern. The silent echoing of repeated visuals is one example of the "hidden" I like to use in my work.


*The golden ratio is a mathematical proportion found everywhere in nature from sunflowers to our bodies to the well-known fractal-like image of the nautilus shell. The famous image of the "golden" rectangle pictures a series of quadrilateral shapes whose sides correspond to the Fibonacci Sequence. These shapes spiral infinitely inward and outward. To find out more about the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio, you can read about them here.*


Below you will find a list of selected exhibitions and accomplishments. To view information about my lifestyle as a DJ, please click here.


Selected exhibitions

Mobius: Tinderbox, Cambridge, MA, "Make a Judgement Call", Performance with marker and skin 2015

Lesley University Lunder Arts Center: Points of Contact, Cambridge, MA, "Tension Collaboration", Interactive installation, Bittersweet vine and yarn 2015

Waltham Open Studios, Waltham, MA, “Dual Body”, Video Installation with oil painting and watercolor 2010

Lesley College/AIB Reunion, Cambridge, MA, “Dual Body”, Video installation 2010

Mobius: Works In Progress, Boston, MA, Video and Performance 2010

Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston, MA, “Dead Video/Live Video”, Video Installation 2009

The Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA, “From the Electric Studio”, Multimedia Performances 2008

The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, Boston, MA, “AIB Graduate Art Show”, Performance & Installation 2007

Brighton Mills Plaza, Brighton, MA, “Pure”, Performance & Installation 2006

Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City, NV, Performance & Living Video Mixing 2005

Mobius Art Loft, Boston, MA, “Mobius Art Party”, Installation, Video & Performance 2005

Club Vapor, New York City, NY, “Eyewash”, Live Video Mixing 2005

Winter Music Conference Tsunami Fundraiser, Miami, FL, Live Video Mixing 2005

Club Parris, Boston, MA, “Skin” Fashion Show, Live Video Mixing 2005

The Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, MA, “Recycle”, Weekly Live Video Mixing 2005

Webster Hall, New York City, NY, “Dresden Dolls Concert”, Performance 2005

Boston Common at Park Street, Boston, MA, “Control Surrender”, Performance 2005

 Ultra Music Festival, Miami, FL, Live Video Mixing in Multiple Tents 2005

 The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA, Multiple Live Video Performances 2004-2005

 Boston Public Library, Boston, MA, “West End Branch Exhibit”, Paintings Exhibited 2004

 The Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, NY, “One Nation”, Live Video Mixing 2004

 The Asylum, Springfield, MA, Multiple Live Painting Performances 2003


Lectures and Panels

Boston Arts Academy Grant review panels, Boston, MA 2009

Massachusetts College of Art & Design Review Boards, Boston, MA 2005-2009

Harvard University Lecture, Cambridge, MA, “Opti-phonic”, On Live Video Performance 2005


Professional Teaching Experience

Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division, Pittsburgh, PA, Adjunct in Art 2010

Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA, Adjunct in Drawing & Painting 2008-2010

 The Boston Architectural College, Boston, MA, Adjunct in Drawing 2007-2009

 Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston, MA, Adjunct in Animation 2008-2009



Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, Master's in Expressive Arts Therapy and Mental Health Counseling 2017

The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, Boston, MA, Master’s in Fine Arts (focus in multimedia installation) 2007

Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston, MA, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation/Illustration, Graduated with honors 2004

University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, MA, Majored in Illustration 2001


Private Collections

Genny Sangiorgio, Venice, Italy

Renee Capacione, Tyngsboro, MA

Tara Jones, Cambridge, MA

Lauren Giangrande, Rutland, MA

Nunzio Rosselli, Worcester, MA

Steve Winkleman, Wisconsin, USA


Awards and Recognitions

Kalamazoo Animation Festival [top 100 videos] 2005                                           

Pawtucket Film Festival 2004                                         

Squealing Pegs Animation Festival 2003-2004                                                 

Kalamazoo Animation Festival 2003                           

Woods Hole film festival 2003                                

Best Structural Drawing 2001